How I Became a Biochemist Who Researches Serious Diseases

Whenever I tell my friends about my job, they are amazed at the type of work I do.“Do you really research and test cures to serious diseases?”Sometimes I can take it for granted. But every so often, I pinch myself knowing that I achieved my dreams.

I know that I am doing important work and trying to make the world a better place.But how did I get my dream job?

Becoming a Biochemist

I will admit that when I was a teenager, being a biochemist was not at the top of my future job desires. But I did want a good job that paid well. It is why I always put so much effort into my school work.

Great grades in high school meant that I got into a prestigious university. I spent my first year of college taking all types of classes, as I was not sure what I wanted for my major.

Choosing a Major

By the second year, I was convinced I wanted to go into medicine. I decided to go pre-med, knowing that it would be a huge challenge.

So many chemistry, biology and physics classes can take their toll in college, especially when juggling fun weekend events and other commitments.

Graduating and Applying to Graduate School

It is imperative that any prospective biochemist take their college courses seriously. It is easy to slack off in college, but getting top grades is a must. It is the best way to ensure that you will get into a top grad school program. It is what I did.

During my senior year, I was applying to graduate programs. I had settled on biochemistry as my future career as I was so impressed by the research and other work done in this field.

I was a little apprehensive about having to spend so many more years in school. But I knew that it is almost impossible to get a good job in the biochemistry field with just a bachelor’s degree.

Getting my PhD

When I settled on a school for my graduate program in Biochemistry, I soon realized that I would have to go all the way till I got my PhD. It was not my original plan, but all my advisors told me that even with a Master’s degree, I may not get the job that I wanted.

Now I was on a long journey that seemed never ending! While my friends were starting their careers and making big money, I was still in school, stuck in the same routine I had come to know for a decade.But I knew that all that effort would be worthwhile when I landed my dream job.

Finding a Job in Biochemistry

It is amazing how many connections I made during my Master’s and PhD programs. I was in contact with so many top professors and researchers in the field. Finding a job was the easy part, as I was being offered positions during the past year of my PhD.

Becoming a biochemist is not easy. It is a long process that involves a lot of school, science classes, getting top grades and higher education!

But it was the ideal path for me, as I am now working a job that I dreamed about for so many years.

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